Got a battery appointment

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by NRH, Sep 24, 2021.

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  1. NRH

    NRH Active Member

    I spent some time this week hammering away at the Customer service line, and finally getting a call back from my service agent. She asked what I wanted for a remedy, and I said I'd waited long enough, and I wanted a new battery now, or to have Hyundai buy the car back so that they can wait for parts availability on their time, not on mine.
    The next morning I got a call from the dealer saying my battery was ready.

    So . . . if you're sick of waiting, it may be worth spending a bit of time getting through to Hyundai Customer Service. Squeaky wheel, and all that.
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  3. Josh815

    Josh815 New Member

    Have you had your car at the dealer for repair, or have you not taken it in yet? I had a similar experience where I was told my "battery was ready" and took my 2019 Kona in on August 10th. I am still without my car at this point and the latest communication from my dealer's service consultant is that "the battery is on factory backorder" and no ETA on arrival. My next move is to call corporate customer service and my case manager who referred me to call the dealer for an appointment. Just wish I had time to be that squeaky wheel...
  4. NRH

    NRH Active Member

    This is for actual installation. I had my “before we order your battery” appointment on Aug 7th, and took my car home afterwards.
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  5. NRH

    NRH Active Member

    New battery installed, back to 300+ on the GOM! Yay!
    We had exactly 30,000 miles on the first battery, so this feels like a nice bonus. (Though I kind of wish I could keep the old battery and use it for an off-grid solar install!)
  6. Congratulations, you must be very happy. I assume it still has the U.S. (2019 MY) lifetime warranty. Hopefully this new pack will last many years.;)
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  8. NRH

    NRH Active Member

    Lifetime, baby! Keepin' it forever!
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  9. We feel the same! We love our Kona EV and plan to keep it. Just wish they could get battery recall done soon, so we can stop driving this ICE Kona.
    Been 2 weeks now. We too would love to keep the old pack, use on our solar system.

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