Fully charged battery gives you ___ mi of range. . . Fill in the blank

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by CodysEv, Aug 23, 2020.

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  1. Robert@SF

    Robert@SF New Member

    I drive in Eco mode at all times. Throttle response is fine but I would like a less dead feeling steering wheel. I've found that you can still spin the front wheel when making a right angle turn and pushing the accelerator hard. Also, torque steer is almost non-existent as long as traction control is active.
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  3. Hedge

    Hedge Member

    I tend to drive in normal or sport. If I have a particularly busy day I will switch to eco. When I switch between all three modes the difference between eco and sport is less than 10 miles. I would say five but I'm not certain of that.
  4. Lucky Chow

    Lucky Chow New Member

    I drive 100% in Eco and usually only charge to 70%. However, if I go on a trip and charge to 100%, I have 306 mile range at 68 degrees.
  5. Nesh

    Nesh New Member

    I remember driving to a place that was 100 miles away when range said 230 (80%) Forgot to up the limit to 100%. I was confident of making it there and back having the 30 miles cushion.
    Unfortunately I had to stop to charge a place 20 miles away from home when the range was showing 10 miles left. So basically display of 230 but only gave me about 180 (190 if I had tried to make it reach 0) before I had to charge again.
  6. Seagull

    Seagull New Member

    I get about 500kM (300 miles) (~12.5kW/100kM) in the summer with minimal A/C and using Eco Mode. This about 60% city and 40% highway (about 80 to 90 kM/H) on mostly flat or low hills. A year ago I did a road trip from Vancouver, BC to San Diego, Ca in September and we didn't spare the A/C but tried to stick to speed limit. We got an average of 17.5kW/100kM (~3.6 miles/kWh) and an estimated range of 350kM (210miles) when we charged to 100%. We did notice that although we used more energy to go up the mountains, the average consumption was almost the same by the time we reached the same elevation on the other side.
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  8. Dups88

    Dups88 New Member

    We drive slow and steady, and mostly on local roads (25-50 MPH), and we're getting about 310 miles per charge. This is autumn driving, so outside temps in the 75F - 40F range here in Maryland.
  9. Ceetee

    Ceetee Member

    Try https://abetterrouteplanner.com , will give you way more accurate trip planning to make it to your destination. You'll just to provide it, your current state of charge, the temp, and how fast in percentage you go vs the posted speed limit.
  10. EVti&b

    EVti&b New Member

    Just before a road-trip,
    GOM: 299 miles@100%SOC
    I am in the SF Bay Area
  11. porky

    porky Member

    I drive in Eco most of the time. I live in the northeast and depending on temps, a 100% charge gives me between 260 - 275mi on the guesstimeter.
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  13. Zim

    Zim New Member

    Pacific Northwest winters:
    250 with average speeds around 50 MPH.

    Pacific Northwest summers:
    280 with similar average speeds.
    Though, we regularly see 5+ miles/kWh with speeds averaging below 50MPH, offering over 300 miles fully charged.

    Consistently below 200 miles on the highway at 75 MPH.
  14. Fully Charged NIRO EV EX? 260miles in Eco mode with no heat/ac turned on.

    That's on SoCal freeways at speeds between 65mph and 80mph.
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  15. I paid attention the first few weeks, 250-260 miles range driving in sport mode and embarrassing other drivers from the stoplight.

    Good enough, and I don't have any "range angst".

  16. Obeymydog

    Obeymydog New Member

    Just finished a 285km drive with 20% remaining.

    Temps were 0-5 deg Celsius, thought felt like -4 to -1
    Had a roof box full of stuff
    Trunk packed full (lowered trunk floor as well, couldn’t see out the back)
    Had two kids and two adults
    50% major highway @110, cruise control
    50% single lane highway @85-95
    About 1/4 of the trip was windy, rainy
    Kept the cabin at 18.5 Celsius

    Overall efficiency was 17.5 kWh/100km (we stopped to charge to add 10% but removed the added 10% above)

    Overall very impressed though next time I might not use cruise control and switch to free-wheel.

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  17. Obeymydog

    Obeymydog New Member

    Out of interest I replicated this trip in ABRP.
    Option 1 - reference efficiency 150, headwind 2m/s
    Option 2 - reference efficiency 175, tailwind 2 m/s

    Both with 0 Celsius temp and no additional weight beyond a single driver.

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  18. CodysEv

    CodysEv New Member

    ditto, H8 LA Freeways, so mf bumpy

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  19. JasonG

    JasonG New Member

    Just charged to 100% last night and got 262 miles. This includes mostly city and some highway driving in Eco mode (no heat/ac). Also, lots of hills as in San Francisco...

    Very happy with that range!
  20. The Niro has an EPA rating of 385km right? 100km loss or about 25%. Thats not horrible.

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