Ford F-150 Lightning reveal livestream May 19, 9:30 Eastern.

Discussion in 'F-150 Lightning' started by Domenick, May 18, 2021.

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  1. Doesn't look any bigger than my current 2013 F150. Matter of fact it looks smaller.

    Could be because I put a 4" lift kit and 35" oversized tires on though.


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  3. Kind of disappointed that it can only charge up to 150 kW. And it has a big battery. Will not be a good trip vehicle. Why didn't they go 800V?
  4. The charge rate does not bother me. Its not that much different than the kona in miles per minute. Its about 4.5 miles/min.

    I have changed my road trip charging from the standard "I have to charge to 80% every time I stop" to a more practical " just charge as long as I am stopped". Then I leave when I am ready. I don't worry about the actual level of charge.

    As an example I just drove from Southern California to Oregon in the Kona up hwy 395. Its the scenic route not the usual freeway 5 or 99. There are less chargers that way but really wasn't a concern. I left at 9:00 with about 240 miles on the GOM. Drove for 1.5 hrs stopped at a rest stop with a charger and charged for 18 minuets and left with about 190 on the GOM drove 1 hr stopped at another rest stop (mostly to check out the free charger) for 15 minutes left with about 160 on the GOM. Drove 1/2 hour and stopped for lunch charged to 80% left with 220 on the GOM. Drove 1.5 hr and stopped for 15 minutes. Left with 180 on the Gom. Drove 2 hours and stopped for Dinner charged to 80% and drove 1.5 hours to Hotel with a destination charger and Charged to 98% overnight 260 miles on the GOM. Covered 470 miles.

    Yes it took 10.5 hrs but the lunch and dinner stops I would have made in a ICE car even if not refueling. If you figure 15 minute rest stops even if not for charging then I probably spent an extra 1/2 an hour charging over what I would have done in an ICE car. Yes I could have driven faster in an ICE car but it would have cost a lot more. The rest stop chargers were all free courtesy of CalTrans.

    Maybe I am just not in a hurry on road trips any more. This truck with 300 miles of range will work fine for me for the 5% of time I am driving on road trips. Sure faster charging would be nice but its not a problem for me.
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  5. Nice to have so many charging options. Not that way at all in many parts of Canada. Faster charging speed could make a huge difference in getting to that destination without a very slow top up at some motel or public L2.
    I guess one of the many questions is how the F-150 Lightning will warm the battery in winter conditions and at what expense in range/charge rate costs.
    Another would be is there a battery temp gauge or indication of estimated charge time (increase/decrease) based on temperature of the pack. such an instrument would be very useful.
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  6. Yes, all good points. And I probably wouldn't use the truck for long trips anyway, as I would have a 2nd EV car for that. But since it is brand new, am just surprised they wouldn't have gone to the 800V system. I thought that is where everyone was going with future models.

    And I also did a trip with the Kona a couple months ago, and worked out better/faster than I had thought before.
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  8. In one of the reviews on youtube ( European ) the Mazda MX30 has a battery temp gauge - good point that temperature can increase/decrease charging time.


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