First Fill Up

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by FlaDave, Aug 25, 2018.

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  1. FlaDave

    FlaDave New Member

    Had my first fill up after about 1600 miles. Took only 6 gallons!
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  3. weave

    weave Active Member

    Nice. I just did my third one with about 1500 miles. I regularly travel 200 miles once a week so don't have much of a choice. However, I love the car due to the entire package, and I time my EV time to be when I'm in local or backed up traffic. Works out great!
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  4. Teamchang

    Teamchang Member

    Awesome! I’m working on 1000+ and still have 2/3 tank left. Have a 100 mile drive once a week so that’s where my gas gets used. If only there were more free charging stations around...
  5. V8Power

    V8Power Active Member

    My wife's Clarity is at 1250Km on the original tank of gas provided by the dealer and still shows full with 571km HV range.
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