Finnaly a real elecric car coming to australia

Discussion in 'General' started by DonDeeHippy, Apr 14, 2018.

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    It looks like the Hyundai Kona is coming to Australia soon, as soon as end of the year but id say year after that its the first electric car is could afford with enough range to get here. A Model X is around $200000 here
    The new Nissan is supposed to be here as well but until the 500k range comes in I wouldn't be interested.
    I live about 200kms from work and even though a 250km vehicle would do the job knowing one could take me to work and back home again would be better.
    The ice version of the kona tows 1500kg and I'm hoping for at least 1000kg so I can tow my old caravan around.
    I live in Queensland and the government are making a charging station path for free along the coast, so if all goes well next year it will be done and I can camp up and down for free.
    Well free isn't really the word the base 4wd ice is $30000 and the electric is said to be $50000
    I was also thinking that with its 7kva onboard charger I can go from Caravan park to caravan park and recharge the kona at night.
    At the moment my van is solar and I free camp but I pay for fuel, a hot shower at night and Aircon during summer for the same price a day is interesting.
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  2. Domenick

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    That's great! I know there's a fair amount of excitement around the Kona here. Everyone's just waiting to hear what the price tag will look like. Hopefully it will be a lot less than $50,000. It's really about the same size as the Chevy Bolt, but sits a little higher, and that starts at $37,500.

    200 km one-way seems like it might even push the range of the Kona. Can you do some charging at work?

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