FBI persecution of Tesla in light of new NY AG suit against Exxon for defrauding shareholders

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Oct 28, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Note the timing of the WJS noises on FBI vs Tesla but also note its timing in the context of the suit below. In it the NY AG alleges that Exxon deliberately defrauded Exxon share holders about the costs and risks of climate change and names Rex Tillerson. My guess is the FBI with the at the behest of the fossil fuel crew is trying to accuse the person and group most aggressively working to clean up their mess of having created it. This is their standard. Also note the nature behavior alleged in the case and note the treatment of Tesla, sounds very very similar.

    I don't think Kavenaugh or a shill SC is going to be able to fix this or continue to claim it is simply a political matter, it is a matter of justice as well.

    Exxon had a CEO (Sidney Reso) disappear in 1992, wonder if people were trying to spill the beans then.


    October 24, 2018

    Today, New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood filed a lawsuit against ExxonMobil for defrauding shareholders by downplaying the expected risk of climate change to its business.

    CIEL President Carroll Muffett issued the following statement:

    Today’s announcement that the state of New York has filed suit against ExxonMobil for misleading investors about the risks of climate change should send a wakeup call to markets and board rooms around the world that the risks of continued investment in fossil fuel companies are significant, material, and can no longer be ignored. Building on three years of investigation and more than two million pages of company documents, the Attorney General’s suit presents a compelling case that Exxon has consistently misled investors and shareholders about the risks of climate change to the company’s products, profits, assets, and future.

    The allegations in the New York complaint echo and further substantiate what CIEL and others have been warning for years: the climate crisis poses profound financial and regulatory risks for Exxon and other fossil fuel companies, and these companies are not being candid about those risks with investors and shareholders.

    The New York suit alleges that Exxon actively and repeatedly misled investors about the potential risk posed by climate regulation and the necessary phase out of fossil fuels, which will pose a fundamental threat to the company’s operations, individual projects, assets, and long-term future. As the Attorney General argues, “Exxon’s financial vulnerability to climate change regulation is significantly greater than it led investors to believe.”

    The complaint alleges that, despite acknowledging growing awareness of and concern about climate risks among investors, Exxon repeatedly used misleading statements and deceptive economic analyses to assure funders that its business wouldn’t be harmed by climate change and to dramatically overstate the costs to the economy of responding to the climate threat. Significantly, the complaint alleges that these practices were sanctioned at the highest levels of the company and directly implicates former CEO Rex Tillerson in the misconduct.

    Today’s suit exposes the reality and growing severity of climate risk for investors who continue to bet on fossil fuels. And it portends a significant new wave in the rising tide of climate litigation facing Exxon and other oil and gas companies.
    Contact: Amanda Kistler, Director of Communications – akistler@ciel.org"
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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Possible motive for the form the attacks on Tesla have been recently taking from recent history. After GM went bankrupt Obama refused it the cash it needed to continue to exist unless its petrol concubine Chair-CEO who blamed GMs failure on its union (despite even BMW doing much better with much greater worker pay and protections) was removed as a condition of access to USG capital. So this is the same game (the fossil fuel tribe is big on revenge think W. and Iraq II) but this time the goal is both to deny access to capital and remove the actual icon head. Romney didn't care about rescuing GM but kept calling Tesla a loser- projecting.

    Which country has been doing preemptive wars of aggression to bail out fossil fuels over and over? Which country said it couldn't afford the Paris accord over fossil fuels? Which country has been hiding behind tarifs (calling it trade wars) to protect fossil fuel and cover the economic disadvantage in higher cost of goods a obsolete fossil fuel economy creates? Which country has been trying to force it citizens to buy more fossil fuels, while thinking it can force other countries to buy fossil fuels from it while also trying to scuttle its green industry? Which country has been removing the health protections for its population against fossil fuel poisons? Which country has a government that denies climate science in an obvious sign of corruption? Which country pulled out of a nuclear deal because it wants to manipulate fossil fuel prices to benefit its fossil fuel producers?

    This is petrarchy which needs to be deposed asap.
  4. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Also saw today group apparently trying to attack Robert Mueller wonder if it is the same group attacking Musk and Tesla? Presumably the same group would be as opposed to the removal of a fossil fuel puppet president as it is to Tesla. We can kind of see how the real interests of the US align with Tesla and of course the real interests of humanity and world. We are trying to throw off a criminal contingent.

    Was thinking also about how ironic it was just as in the SEC case that the FBI instead of investigating the saboteur seems to be taking his so-called whistle blower BS seriously- makes me wonder if he works for the FBI. Same thing the SEC (short enrichment commission) did, instead of going after the thief aid the thief's escape or at least ignore it and then go after the victim shop keeper or householder. And same as a above with Tillerson and Exxon being charged simultaneously by the NY AG of the same premise the FBI supposedly going after Tesla for except in Tesla's case its not even remotely credible and Tesla is trying to clean up Exxon's mess. And it fits with BMW and it now becoming the target of criminal prosecution over its own Diesel gate and it possibly wanting to accuse or cover its issues by trying to get Tesla to have criminal charges against it- similar to what appears to be BMW's trying to conflate issues with its own cars catching fire and flagging quality by claiming Tesla had these issues- the fact of BMW's issues were suspiciously absent from the US captured media and only came out later. You can see the nonsense basis for the FBI claim when it wasn't frauding (obvious) but VW and all German automakers clearly appear to be defrauding the German people and investors on when they will be able to deliver a credible counter Tesla- but their appears to be an effort to accuse Tesla of their issues again. Its Albert Speer's press manual stuff. And of course the revenge motive as above where they want to do to Tesla what was done to GM which is remove the Tesla counter part to the fossil fuel concubine that Obama removed from GM but also deny the funding which removal of Wagoner was made conditional on in GM's case as he blamed his union for GM's fossil fuel based collapse and Obama saw through it and demanded his firing. Lets hope the FBI figures out how to do its job instead being complicit in the crimes it claims its fighting.

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