engine oil issues new generation of turbos Honda .. is clarity affected?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Aug 9, 2018.

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  1. JKroll

    JKroll Member

    I have seen CRV being inflicted with engine oil issues for their turbos engines (not 2.4 L)
    all models other than LX.

    Wondering if the same engine is used in clarity?
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  3. megreyhair

    megreyhair Active Member

    Properly not. Clarity's engine is not turbo.
  4. Vezz66

    Vezz66 Member

    Clarity motor is not a turbo, so not likely to be affected.

    • 1.5-liter, 16-valve DOHC i-VTEC® Atkinson-cycle in-line 4-cylinder engine
    The problem seems to be limited to the 1.5L turbo.
  5. JKroll

    JKroll Member

    oh thanks. I keyed on 1.5 L
  6. phevophile

    phevophile New Member

    I wish the ICE had a turbo! LOL
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  8. ryd994

    ryd994 Active Member

    Electric motor is your turbo.
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  9. Vezz66

    Vezz66 Member

    That said, I checked the oil level on my Clarity today.

    It is above the high mark (on top of the orange plastic piece) and seems to smell of gas.

    Not due for oil change but will call them next week.
  10. tdiman

    tdiman Member

    Some have found that dealers overfill consistently, so caution others to check after changes first.

    That said, I think this is the same 1.5L with Direct Injection. Could have the problem, I think this is the only car that has it without a turbo so not surprising if it hasn't been found in non turbos?

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  11. ryd994

    ryd994 Active Member

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  13. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    According to the 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Press Kit dated Dec 11, 2017, and found here:


    “Computer-controlled port fuel injection with multi-hole injectors”

    So it’s not direct and doesn’t specify it’s sequential; it appears to be multi-port.
    Using the link given by @ryd994 , I could not find the SEFI reference for the Clarity. Could you please give us a more specific link.
  14. ryd994

    ryd994 Active Member

    on the top left, there's a "Select to see Honda advantages. Deselect for a full vehicle comparison. "
    Uncheck that and you will find the line under "engine & transmission"
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2018
  15. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Found it.
    So adding the 2 sources together then it’s a sequential multi-port injection ans not direct injection. That’s nice because sequential injection can yield up to 15% better efficiency over plain multi-point that does 2 cylinders at a time for our 4 cyl.
  16. Vezz66

    Vezz66 Member

    So I brought it in to check the oil yesterday (without an appointment and they didn’t even ask for my name beforehand)

    The technician drained the oil and added 2.8 liters of fresh oil (less than the recommended 3.1 liters)

    Surprised to see the oil level on the dipstick was still over the maximum.

    He thinks maybe it’s the wrong part and will contact Honda Tech.

    I’m going to measure my dipstick and post it here, if mine is longer than others (hehehe)
  17. Clarity_Newbie

    Clarity_Newbie Active Member

    Vezz66...Curious what you ever found out bout the gas in oil/wrong part.

    Keep us posted. Thanks

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