Electric motorhome

Discussion in 'General' started by ruisvensson, Jan 23, 2018.

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  1. I am planning a electric motorhome.
    anyone know any other project as this ?
    and I want put 15 solar panels on the roof, 5 fixed, more 5 on each of 2 sliding frames, when stationed I pull to aside, and wait a complete charge (about 8 hours)
    for bath water, I want put a solar heater: a solar collector, and a water box on the roof back
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  3. Sounds like a pretty ambitious project.
    The only other electric motorhome that springs to mind is "The Winston," which was built for Winston Chung by an RV company he was a partner in. Chung owned the China-based Winston Battery company. Hard to imagine it performed super well, considering the energy and power density of the cells he was working with.

    I imagine batteries available now would do a much better job.

    So, for your project, are you converting an existing RV, or building from a frame up? Also, if you have pictures, feel free to share. I'm sure we can give you some good (and probably bad) ideas for it.
  4. glad know someone has opinion on my project; others think it as very crazy.
    for a while, is yet a idea, but I am collecting data about batterie types, panels, and others...
    but I want say, it is part of other project very bigger - a great solar plant in brazilian northeast, for generate power to transmit toward to seaside, for pull water from the sea, desalinate, and pump toward to most dry areas of the country.
    this vehicle we will need for get data about best path for a 300 km water pipe, and stablish a initial base on a 2500 hc area (30 000 000 square yards), for install and maintain 10 000 000 panels, 150 high tension towers, 150 water pumps, a big desalination plant for process 35 m3 cubic meters per second.
    visit: aguasacima.wordpress.com
  5. That's a pretty big project.
    Does the motorhome have to be off-road capable? What are the conditions of the roads like in that part of Brazil?
    Usually, speed is the enemy of range, but driving off-road also an take a lot of energy, depending on the nature of the terrain you're traversing.
  6. I was now extending the specifications: two axes, each powering a electric engine 12 kw - that is, total power = 68 horsepower, good for a 7 tons vehicle.
    and I need yet others items: for heat water for bathing, I will put a solar heater with a water box 80 lt, filling each day.
    also, for monitoring the power level on the battery pack, I will must put on the driving box aside the flyaway, a digital display
    well, the roads on the target area are between poor asphalt to hard soil, some dry clay, many holes - this vehicle will not need great speed, ok ? max 90 km/h, I think
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