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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by ehatch, Sep 12, 2019.

  1. ehatch

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    I don't think this is a duplicate. My speedometer , and vehicle information display went dark. Yet things like the SOC , regeneration meter, indicator, Auto.high beam, light was visible.

    kona display gone_20190911a-1.jpg
  2. Esprit1st

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    Yeah, this happened to a handful of drivers. They said it worked again the next time they started the car. Definitely a bug, not a feature.

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  3. BC-Doc

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    Happened to me twice I believe several months ago.
    Reset after turning car off for a few minutes.
    Hasn’t recurred since.
  4. This is a new one, when my screen went blank it at least displayed open door. Check 12V battery voltage (just to eliminate 12.6 V min)
  5. ehatch

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    The night it happened. I drove in circles in a dead end street after restarting twice. It didn't reappear. I gave up. Grateful I had a H.U.D.,otherwise Hyundai would need to help me with a speeding ticket... Of course when this speedometer black out happened I had to be driving an ICE person,so not exactly confidence inspiring for buying an EV when I had about 80% SOC :rolleyes: They asked me" do you have enough charge?"
    @BC-Doc MY speedometer reappeared the next day. Need an update because it's a safety thing to see speed?
    @electriceddy I won't be checking my 12V. I don't have anything to do this with. Will let the dealership figure it out. Firmware is probably the fix.
  6. That is what they will look for but it appears to be a somewhat reoccurring software issue with dash display ( going blank in some format or another)
    At least you had HUD which I didn't check when my occurrence happened as I don't use it except at low light levels.
  7. popnfrresh

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    Seems to resolve itself after car is off for 10 minutes....
  8. ehatch

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    It hasn't been a month yet,so no idea if my situation will re occur. Yours was unique. Hyundai needs a firmware update because it can be dangerous for those without a HUD to fall back on.IF you wanted/needed to change vehicle settings,you can't with my driver display going dark scenario.
  9. I agree it is more than an inconvenience, but how would the Techs at Hyundai trace a ghost like this one? It needs to come from Hyundai corp with all of us affected reporting it to the dealers .
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  11. Never seen it on my own car but have seen several reports of it over the last year. One of two software updates I had at my October service was for this issue.
  12. ehatch

    ehatch Active Member

    There is a campaign for this.NOPE,not searchable via the Hyundai website using your VIN. Got to go into dealership to see if Hyundai is applying the repair to your Kona EV. Requiring a duplication with a dealership is wrong if you have evidence.Try to video,or take a pic. without shutting off your Kona when it happens.I still say it's dangerous,especially for those without a HUD.
  13. I don't use much HUD, and yes it is an inconvenience to say the least, but it's a ghost - hard to trace. There was a recall in UK for this on early models to replace the dash display (2018) but nothing here yet. The worst part is not knowing what speed you are going but I just kept up with other vehicles when it happened (on occasion), Next time I will release the HUD and see if speed is displayed there.
  14. Wish that would happen here. Any record of the actual update version#?
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  15. I checked the receipt and there's no mention of it despite them making me sign documents acknowledging each update was applied. The other update was to improve GoM accuracy.
  16. Thanks for looking
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