Does anyone make a dual cable j1772 & Tesla EVSE

Discussion in 'Model 3' started by bjrosen, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. bjrosen

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    I currently have a ClipperCreek HCS40 for my Volt. I'm about to buy a Model3 and I plan on keeping the Volt. While the CC is adequate for charging the Tesla taking the J1772 adapter on and off detracts from the convenience of having an EVSE. The CC is on a 50A line, it's a 32A EVSE, so if I were to add a separate Tesla charger I would have to run a new 60A line, I'd also have to add an additional transfer switch for my generator. The simplest solution would be to get a dual cable EVSE that has one J1772 and one Tesla connector. Does anyone make an EVSE like that?
  2. bwilson4web

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    I've seen dual J1772, EVSE but never really looked at them closely. My home fix is to have the J1772-to-Tesla adapter on the home EVSE and carry a second adapter in the car. I'm not driving the BMW i3-REx much.

    One caution about the J1772-to-Tesla adapter is the plug has an "O" ring that can form an air-tight seal. Not so much of a problem when putting it on but trying to remove the adapter forms a vacuum that makes it difficult to remove.

    Bob Wilson
  3. bjrosen

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    I just bought a Model 3 AWD today, going to pick it up on Monday, and I'm keeping my Volt at least for a while. My plan is to try what you are doing first, use the adapter and if it's not too inconvenient then buy a second one to keep in the car. If it's awkward then I'll run a fresh 60A line and install a Tesla EVSE next to the ClipperCreek.
  4. Feathermerchant

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    You would install a 60A line why? I charged on 120V until I ran my line and now only use 30A for charging my Model 3 and it's even overkill. Charging at 30A in 8 hours you can add about 56 kWh. That is about 224 miles.

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