Disappointed in Taycan

Discussion in 'Porsche Taycan' started by Simon Jones, Nov 6, 2021.

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  1. Simon Jones

    Simon Jones New Member

    I have had the Taycan Turbo S for over a year now and I'm afraid it is a real disappointment.

    I had 2 Telsa model S beforehand and have been driving an EV for 7 years.

    To drive the Porsche is great and the adaptive headlights are second to none. The problems are with the infotainment and Porsche themselves.

    When you start the car it takes about a minute before the radio works. Car Play works occasionally and Porsche have told me I cannot use Android Auto unless I have a new model car, which is unbelievable.

    The whole system is not intuitive and is clunky and difficult to use.

    The voice recognition is virtually useless.

    The car has also had two recalls for software upgrades and the first time it was in for a week.

    The biggest problem is Porsche themselves as they know nothing about EV's at the dealership and are unhelpful.

    The car has to go in now for another software upgrade (which is stopping the car's CCS combo port from working) and they are telling me if I need a loan car while it is in I need to wait until January (It is now 6th Nov).

    I can only get .4mpm off the standard port and cannot use most charges on that port as they are CCS combo and the driver's side port is not. Porsche are really not bothered.

    When I had problems with the Tesla they took the car in straight away and as they didn't have a loan car they took me to a car rental company and rented me a car.

    For a car that costs £150,000 I would expect to be treated better, but Porsche are arrogant and disinterested.

    My advice would be if you are buying and EV now, but it from someone who only makes EV's like Tesla.

    I ordered a Lucid Air a year ago and can't wait to get it.
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