Coolant low, AC non-functional

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by CR EV, May 10, 2020.

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  1. CR EV

    CR EV Active Member

    My AC is not blowing cold air. The following may or may not be a related issue: The coolant tank is low (picture below). The manual says that it needs special formula coolant. The cap indicates that this is not a user appropriate issue. Really? Is this coolant available for consumer purchase? Seems unfortunate that have to take the car in just to have the coolant topped off. Is there something I'm missing here? Any suggestions on the AC issue would also be appreciated. Thanks!

    kia coolant below min.jpg
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  3. On Kona EV , basically the same, the coolant is a mixture of antifreeze and water as in the manual(Phosphate- based Ethylene glycol coolant for aluminum radiator) 50/50 mixture antifreeze/ distilled water will will be good to -45C (-49F).
    This will not have any affect on the A/C not cooling issue.
  4. wizziwig

    wizziwig Active Member

    Regarding the low coolant level, how old is your car? Most of the early Niros and Konas shipped in 2018/2019 required a water pump recall due to potential leaking. Not sure if the tank you pictured is part of that loop.
  5. Its kind of concerning that you are losing coolant within a closed system that involves the main traction battery. I think its going to be more involved than a tech just topping off the coolant as they should determine the source of the leak. A leak within the battery case or on vulnerable electronics would not be good thing. Your AC system is separate closed system and the only place the cooling system and AC system come close to each other would be in the front. Is it possible a rock or road debris injured your AC condenser and coolant radiator?
  6. CR EV

    CR EV Active Member

    Purchased in October, 2019. I asked the dealership about the water pump issue; they said my vin wasn't affected. Guess I'd better take it in.
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  8. Mine was at the min level since day 1, at least it was easy to tell if a leak occurred.
    Since the coolant pump recall service it has remained at a level between the min and max, which forced me to put a small mark with a sharpie on the tank to make it easier to monitor.
  9. CR EV

    CR EV Active Member

    So, I took the Niro EV in (very impressed with the customer/staff safety environment in the service department, btw). All going well, topping off coolant and confirming the AC issue. On the AC, they did not have the appropriate refrigerant for the AC in the Niro EV, failed to ask whether it was different than that in i.c.e. Kias. They took it over to a Chevy dealer in the same auto mall for service on that. Thought that was interesting. Will, hopefully, get the car back on Monday.
  10. Possibly an "auto group" and their EV tech is busy working on a Bolt. Glad to see no leaks caused the issue for the coolant :)

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