Concerns/Process for Transferring/Selling R1T

Discussion in 'R1T' started by Crash, Jul 13, 2022.

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  1. Crash

    Crash Member

    So I have a current pre-order with a delivery date this fall (w/ current configuration), but I think that I will stick with my current IONIQ 5. I have a co-worker who is interested in maybe getting this R1T.

    Questions for the group (if anyone has input):
    1) Rivian does not provide a way to transfer a pre-order/reservation, right?
    2) I assume I could update my name and email in the Rivian system to this co-worker, but I also assume that would raise a red flag with Rivian.

    If I need to actually purchase the vehicle and resell it to my co-worker, what do I need to be aware of?
    1) I and my co-worker will both be paying state sales tax and all the tag stuff, so my co-worker will need to suck that up twice (as obviously, I do not want to loose money on this transaction).
    2) I will need to get a car loan (assuming I do not have $80ish-K sitting around which is a good assumption).
    3) Will need to figure out how my co-worker will use his car loan or cash to payoff my loan to release the title. Assume my bank will comment on this.
    4) There will be a long delay from when I buy the vehicle and when I get the title w/ my loan lien indicated. Not sure how to handle this, as I really do not want to have the car in my possession during these weeks and weeks.

    Anything else to think about. Any good site/video that describes how others handle this? (a quick google search did not help so much).

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  3. Jim Matthews

    Jim Matthews Active Member

    I think you're right to be concerned about this. I would anticipate legal action from Rivian if you immediately resell your allotment.

    To get it right, and avoid litigation start with the source.

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