Clarity PHEV stops charging before battery is full

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by ilun, Feb 20, 2018.

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Has your Clarity Plugin ever stopped before being fully charged?

  1. No, it always charges completely (unless I stop it)

    43 vote(s)
  2. Yes, it sometimes stops on its own before a full charge at various stations

    29 vote(s)
  3. Yes, it sometimes stops on its own before a full charge at ChargePoint stations Only

    12 vote(s)
  1. ilun

    ilun New Member

    Has anyone experienced issues where the Honda Clarity stops charging way before the battery is fully charged?

    I'm encountering this problem with a set of ChargePoint Level 2 stations in a particular location (it seems). My Clarity will stop charging, usually within the first 30 mins, and remote starts from the HondaLink app will normally work, but not consistently. I usually receive a notification from the HondaLink app indicating 'Charging Stopped', then followed by a notification from ChargePoint saying 'Your vehicle is drawing very little power and may be fully charged'.

    I've had this happen once at a different Level 2 station, but I thought maybe I didn't push the plugin properly, so it may not be necessarily related to ChargePoint (although I've opened a support case with them).
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  3. Ken7

    Ken7 Active Member

    Mine charges ‘almost’ completely. I say that because there are times it stops at 99%. I can’t see this as any kind of issue.
  4. Viking79

    Viking79 Well-Known Member

    There is an energy screen in the Clarity that makes it look like the battery is not charged if your estimated range is less than EPA rated range.

    Are you looking at the battery gauge, or the range estimate gauge to know that the car is not charged all the way? It sounds like it really isn't charging all the way, but I want to be sure. I am presuming you can put it back on the charger and it finishes?

    I charge at home using a ChargePoint and have never had it stop prematurely when I didn't have a wiring problem to my unit :)
  5. Rajiv Vaidyanathan

    Rajiv Vaidyanathan Active Member


    I had this happen mysteriously at a chargepoint station twice. No explanation. The battery was only at about 65%, but it just stopped after a few minutes of plugging in and the HondaLink app gave me the notification. Never understood why it happened.
  6. ilun

    ilun New Member

    The partial charge based on the battery gauge (both, on the HondaLink app and the care display gauge as well). Some times it stops charging when capacity is very low (< 10%), and remote starts will normally get it charging again, but it often stops after a few minutes (although a few will continue to a complete charge).

    The responses so far seem to lean towards a station/ChargePoint fault, rather than a Clarity issue, so that's positive.

    Thank you for everyone's input and feedback!
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  8. aapitten

    aapitten Active Member

    I've been using a Siemens charger and haven't had that happen even once... Good luck and let us know!
  9. ManKo

    ManKo Member

    I’ve never had it stop before 99%. I’m using a JuiceBox. Every once in a great while the JuiceBox thinks the Honda has been unplugged well after it’s fully charged.
  10. ilun

    ilun New Member

    ChargePoint reported the issue to the station owner (they're independently owned) who did some 'tune up' work (not sure what that might have been). It's been working fine for the last few days, so I think it's safe to place the fault on the charging station side.

    However, it's worth pointing out that the Honda Clairty may be more susceptible to charging issues, because another Clarity driver was having the same issue, while other cars charging at that station allegedly did not.
  11. Mike M

    Mike M New Member

    My car, twice, not only stopped charging on Level 2 charges but the check engine warning light came on and a message saying "Plug-in Charging System Problem. Range Limited". The dealership said that Honda knows of this level 2 charging problem and that it is working on a software update to prevent this from happening. They said hopefully by late April/early May. You will need to bring your vehicle in to get the software update.
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  13. SirEnder72

    SirEnder72 New Member

    Any updates on this issue? We just got a new Honda Clarity a couple of weeks ago and this has happened to us 3 or 4 times now where it would mysteriously stop charging within the first 30 minutes. I get the notification that charging was stopped, and I could only get it to start charging through the app again half of the time. Otherwise, I would have to go back to the station to unplug it and plug it back in to get it working.

    I'm wondering if this is something that I should take it back to the dealer to have them inspect it for?
  14. Rajiv Vaidyanathan

    Rajiv Vaidyanathan Active Member

    I'm still looking for an update too. The Chargepoint station at work got a "head upgrade" but I still have the same problem. It stops charging prematurely. Sometimes, the app will get it going again, but it often stops again after another ~20 minutes.
  15. Craig Kent

    Craig Kent New Member

    Hi all:

    I saw this conversation on the internet and decided to join the forum. I have had my Clarity for a month now. I use chargepoint stations that are at work wot charge during the week. On the second day of charging I got the same fault code as is mentioned here. Plug in charging system failure range could be limited. Had to bring it in for service on the second day of owning it. It all checked out ok. But on numerous occasions my charging has randomly stopped at the charge point stations. A restart usually completes the charging but sometimes I have to restart a few times. We have a variety of EVs/PHEVs at work and no one else seems to have this issue. There is another new Clarity driver at work now and she had the same issue. Seems to be a Clarity-chargepoint issue. Not sure how this gets fixed.
  16. Rajiv Vaidyanathan

    Rajiv Vaidyanathan Active Member

    Here's what ChargePoint tells me about charging at my "problem station." It charges for a few minutes and stops. I have to manually restart the charging using HondaLink app. It charges for a few minutes and stops again. I sometimes have to do this 15+ times a day to get the car to charge fully by the end of the day. In the mean time, I'm hogging the EV spot (only one on campus) all day!

    Put in a ticket to ChargePoint and also contacted our campus folks.
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  17. vicw

    vicw Active Member

    I answered NO, as mine has almost always charged to 100%, and the very few times it hit 99% don't constitute partial charging, I think. I have used only my Siemens Verischarge at home for the last five months, preceded with the 120V Level 1 charger that came with the car for the first few weeks.

    Question to those using public stations and encountering the problem. Do you know if owners of other brands and models are also having that kind of problem?
  18. Rajiv Vaidyanathan

    Rajiv Vaidyanathan Active Member

    I don't think other EVs are having the problem. Our University even pulled records for that station and found other vehicles using the station were able to charge fully with no problems. I own the only Clarity in town at the moment and they have not seen the problem with other cars.
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  19. Rajiv Vaidyanathan

    Rajiv Vaidyanathan Active Member

  20. vicw

    vicw Active Member

    There was a posting about this same problem back on March 5th, by Eva Farkas, in the comments section, at:

    It sounded pretty ominous. The exchange included some feedback from Honda on the problem, and the dealer's initial correction action. Thankfully, I haven't encountered the problem myself, but you might find the exchange useful.
  21. Thank you for reaching out to our team, happy to hear you're working on this with them already!

    Although you've already connected with our driver support team, I wanted to share that contact information here in case anyone else reading would like to do the same for their individual reports.

    It's important to note that while we don't own the stations on our network, but we do our best to help fix problems, and our team can work with the station owner to address the issue, too!

    Our driver support team is available 24/7 at 1-888-758-4389 and often they're able to help in the moment (if you're at the station when a problem pops up). Or, if you prefer, you can contact the same team online at this link.
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  22. marxus

    marxus New Member

    Sorry to resurrect this post, but this issue of charging stopping early (around 70%) has happened to me a few times this past week. I called ChargePoint and they said it was a clarity issue and not a charger issue. Has anyone come up with a solution?
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  23. weave

    weave Active Member

    Did you get the charging fault message and the check engine light after it stopped?

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