Charging woes

Discussion in 'Bolt EV' started by ke4d, Nov 21, 2022.

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  1. ke4d

    ke4d New Member

    Did a trip to one of our grandsons with our 22 Bolt in St Pete Fl yesterday. 115 miles each way. Four of is with the heat on, after all 50 is cold in Fl. Stopped at an EA in Tampa four of the 8 machines were down. All working ones were being used. No big deal, just went a few miles more to an EVGO. Nope, not working. Went to another EvGO, wouldn't charge. Called support, they could not get it to start. Moved to a third location with EVGO, deader than a rock. Went on to our grandsons, stopped at the original EA on the way home with 17 miles on the GOM and 80 miles of driving. Called support, they could not get the machine to start. Finally, another EV unplugged and asked if we wanted to move to that machine. Yeah, it worked. Dumped 125 miles in, got home with about 25 miles on the GOM. More than fristrating. This was the first time for such a dismal experience. We have run non working machines before but nothing like this
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  3. rgmichel

    rgmichel Active Member

    Yes, sounds bad. You tried to charge so many times. Glad you made it.
  4. Paul K

    Paul K Active Member

    This comment should be in the general section as it applies not only to Bolts but all EVs except for Teslas. In many areas public charging just sucks. I have a long distance run tomorrow with 3 calls widely separated. With a 40kwh Leaf I would require 2 or 3 stops at L3s. One is quite remote with no others in the area. All of the sites have only one DCFC and the last few times I visited I had to wait for someone else to finish.

    You think 50degF is cold? ha ha. Try freezing or sub freezing temperatures. I can get by with the heated seats and steering wheel down to freezing on shorter trips to avoid the heating range loss but tomorrow's run is too long. Furthermore munching on a cold sandwich in a cold car at the remote site just wouldn't be fun. So I'm taking an ICE car on the run. I'll save all the time at the chargers and I won't be freezing and watching the low battery warning flashing as I'm nearing home.
  5. I’m keeping my Subi for winter driving.


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