Canada pricing revealed

Discussion in 'Blazer EV' started by electriceddy, Jul 18, 2022.

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  1. 3 trims will qualify for iZEV rebate (max $70K cap, base trim Max below $60K):
    MSRP starting at: $51,998†

    MSRP starting at: $56,598†


    MSRP starting at: $61,298†

    2LT and RS available with optional eAWD ( FWD only 1LT, FWD or eAWD on 2LT, FWD RWD or eAWD on RS). I would expect the eAWD to be below the $70K cap).

    SS version rated at 465km range c/w dual motor Performance AWD will NOT qualify, 557 Hp, 877 Newton-meters torque, also a police pursuit variant (PPV) available for police fleet applications.
    MSRP Starting From:

    No mention of pack capacity sizes, DC charging rate up to 190kW, 515 km max range on the RWD variant RS model...respectable considering the cost, I personally was hoping for ~600km but a larger pack (probably over 100kWh required to do this would probably put the cost over the maximum rebate threshold)
    All in all, looks like it should be competitive and nice looking Ultium debut for Chevy Blazer EV.
    Details here:
    2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV | Electric Mid-Size SUV | Chevrolet Canada
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  3. KarriO

    KarriO New Member

    I signed up. I realize I'm probably "late to the game" already, but it was only $100 and Chevy's set up at least somewhat clear record holding and tracking of the preorders between the customer and the dealer which Hyundai didn't have when I preordered the Ioniq 5, which I've now cancelled. For now, I drive my LEAF and have preordered the Fisker Ocean and the Blazer EV.
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  4. William Burns

    William Burns New Member

    Welcome to the group. I reserved mine 15 seconds after the portal came live on the reveal day. I still haven't heard anything from the dealer and don't expect to until the end of the year or just after. I reserved the Blue with the gray/yellow interior RS but the red interior is starting to grow on me and I really prefer a red exterior color so I may change it when I finalize the order.
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  5. NoJacketRequired

    NoJacketRequired New Member

    A post-rebate effective base price in excess of $51K makes this vehicle economically unattractive to me. Now if we could get the Bolt-like pricing that our neighbors to the south are getting, well, now we're talking. This comes from a guy who last purchased a brand new Subaru Forester Touring (full time AWD) brand new in 2017 for $36K. No way am I going to be considering pushing $70K to get something with AWD capability. GM has missed the pricing mark by a wide margin.
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  6. I was also anticipating a lower price as well, so the feeling is mutual:( But who knows...given time that price may reduce as newer models are manufactured, somewhat like Bolt.
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  8. ChiLander

    ChiLander New Member

    Will the RS come with a red interior option? I reserved mine late, so missed the initial window where you had the option to choose the trim and specs.

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  9. ChiLander

    ChiLander New Member

    I’m not sure if it’s some weird error, but the Blazer EV site is showing exclusive reservations are available again.

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