Cabin heating, remote start for heat feedback please

Discussion in 'Bolt EV' started by gulshan, Feb 24, 2020.

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    First post. Was planning to get Niro EV but Kia dealers do not provide any warranty service or any service for that matter since not sold in IL. Then started looking at Bolts since 2020 Premier can be had for near $25k with some haggling. Looking for cheap EV experience and not to really reduce my carbon footprint and all that climate change stuff.
    I dont do long distance. Just using for grocery runs, office commutes etc since I fortunately have multiple cars for specific purpose (sports car, luxury suv ..).
    My other gas guzzling SUV's i normally preheat/remote start when cold weather for about 15 mins. Like it nice and warm when driving. If i continue to do this with the bolt what is a rule of thumb/approximate number of miles I will lose per minute when I leave it running with heat and fans blasting to max ? In other words after a full charge what is the range reduction if left running with max heat/fans for about 15 mins..
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    Leave it plugged in to preheat. Does not affect the range at all.
  3. For those occasions when it can't be plugged in (e.g., at work), what kind of range drain can be expected for letting the cabin heat up for 15 mins?
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    The range lost by heating without plugging in would depend on the outside temperature to some degree, but the worst case is you would end up with the winter range which is about 3 mi per kWh. Now the heater uses about 2-3 kW for 20 minutes or 1 kWh, so you would lose about 3 miles of range by preheating for 20 minutes. In winter I usually have about 180-190 miles range instead of 238. For a 2020 with more range this will be higher by about 10 miles or so. Always remember that you will lose about 25% of range in the winter no matter what. Some people have even worse range than me, in the winter.

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