"Blank" sun visors

Discussion in 'Cooper SE' started by SameGuy, Jul 9, 2024.

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  1. SameGuy

    SameGuy Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Does anybody know if it's possible to order left and right sun visors that do not have all that NHTSA-mandated crap about airbags on them? IMO those non-removable decals mar an otherwise fairly upscale interior. I never travel with small children nor infant carriers in the front seat. Seems to me it's a case of nanny-statism gone a bit too far.
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  3. endquote

    endquote Active Member

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  4. endquote

    endquote Active Member

    There are YouTube tutorials of folks removing the visors and getting the labels off with all manner of chemicals, but I wasn't up for that.
  5. SameGuy

    SameGuy Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Did you measure the labels and create a simple Cricut template with rounded corners? If so, mind just zipping it off to me? I don't have matte black here, but I'll ask a coworker who has a machine (or I'll just get some lol)
  6. endquote

    endquote Active Member

    I didn't use a machine, I just used scissors and a rounded corner punch, also from Amazon.
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  8. CuriousGeorge

    CuriousGeorge Well-Known Member

    There are Night Jack/Black Jack decals you can get to cover them up. Also Union Jack if you want to go all-in.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2024
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  9. revorg

    revorg Well-Known Member

    I used a solvent to clean up that safety stuff on my first Mini (21 years ago). It was a bit of an effort, but it worked well. I've been eying the visors on my '22. Can't remember which solvent, though.
  10. chrunck

    chrunck Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure the euro version doesn't have labels on them.

    I tried removing the visor warnings in my 2012 Countryman, but I gave up after removing about 5% and realizing how long it was going to take.
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  11. teslarati97

    teslarati97 Well-Known Member

    Warm the label up slowly with a hairdryer, peel off and clean up with Goo Gone? I mean that's what I used to do with those license plate stickers.
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  13. Rexsio

    Rexsio Well-Known Member

    Is amassed me how some guys worry about those visior stickers spend some time to clean your interior or add some air to tires bc a monitoring System is wrong up to 5 PSI and you spend $800 for prematurely wearing tires and look on a road where you going not on a sticker and don’t remove a ViN # bc looks so bad on Windshield That statement is for a joke as I’m a big joker .as using a heat gun removing stickers don’t burn your SE
  14. teslarati97

    teslarati97 Well-Known Member

    Yeah remove the visor from the vehicle first. ;)

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