Bidirectional charging now available all 77kW ID series

Discussion in 'Volkswagen' started by electriceddy, Dec 6, 2023.

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  1. But only if using the S10 E Compact DC home power station by HagerEnergy GmbH, although more devices will become compatible later on.
    It is a starting point, VW must be feeling the competitive heat. This looks to be available in Europe only presently.
    VW ID Models Will Be Able To Power Your Home For Up To 2 Days | Carscoops
    On the flip side however:
    "While this is certainly not the first time we hear about a vehicle-to-grid system, VW brags about being one of the first providers of bidirectional charging based on the European CCS (Combined Charging System) DC charging standard."
    Perhaps VW's main reason not to adopt NACS conversion.;)
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  3. OneEV

    OneEV Member Subscriber

    Thats awesome !

    As far as NACS I went ahead and ordered a Lectron adapter. It's clear they are quality adapters . Once VW announces that they will be providing Adpaters it may stil take 6 montsh to get one or longerconsidering how many ID 4s have been sold in the USA. That way I'll always have a spare in case I drop and crack one.

    I'm expecting to receive it within a week.. I'll have a video coming out ..have an idea, dont want to talk about it to much yet so I can beat everyone else to the "discovery" :D
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