Battery Subscription pricing

Discussion in 'VF8' started by electriceddy, May 13, 2022.

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  1. Details of Canada and U.S. battery monthly subscription pricing:
    Flexible Plan Fixed Plan
    VF8 $39 $35 $139 $110
    VF9 $59 $40 $199 $160
    Flexible plan has a limit of 500Km per month, over that limit additional charges will be applied VF8 - $0.09/km
    VF9 - $0.11/km
    Starting MSRP without the subscription plan (battery included) Canada
    VF8 - $51,250 - 504 km range
    VF9 - $69,750 - 550 km range
    I guess we will wait and see the price of the cars without the battery, to see if it would be worthwhile, but this is not the first attempt at this sort of thing, and the first one really didn't go over that well.
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