Autopilot, Active Safety Features and EDR

Discussion in 'General' started by TalkTesla, May 15, 2018.

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  1. TalkTesla

    TalkTesla New Member

    Yesterday I got a response from Musk on Twitter regarding Tesla safety. I still have several questions around the topic and was hoping someone knowledgeable on the matter could help me out.

    Does anyone know on a more technical level specifically how systems like side collision avoidance function? It appears from videos I'm finding online that the car actively steers to avoid side impact but it's unclear exactly how these systems function and when they are activated.

    Same for 'blackbox' event data recorder (EDR) data, I'm trying to better understand what data the system stores and when it is stored. Does anyone have an export of this data available or can anyone better explain the specific data one would find in the system?

    Any other information or resources where I could get a better technical understanding of the safety features in the vehicles would be helpful. Thanks!
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