Anyone installed the chrome accents at the bottom of the doors?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Robert_Alabama, Nov 17, 2018.

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  1. Robert_Alabama

    Robert_Alabama Well-Known Member

    I've ordered a set for my father-in-law's car. I haven't seen any instructions online. Just curious if anyone has installed them or has seen instructions. If not, maybe someone with them installed can post some close up photos to aid me in installation?
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  3. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    College Hills Honda has the chrome door garnish installation instructions for the Odyssey in a PDF document. They didn't have the same document for the Clarity.
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  4. Robert_Alabama

    Robert_Alabama Well-Known Member

    Thank you. It seems I did a poor job of looking for the instructions. After you pointing me in the right direction, I also found the instructions for the Accord and the Civic. Sure that the Clarity will be identical. :)
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  5. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    I found the Odyssey instructions by mistake when searching for the Clarity instructions, but chrome door garnish is chrome door garnish, right?
  6. rinthos

    rinthos New Member

    I recently ordered and installed. I'll take a pic and upload tomorrow when the sun is out.
    In the meantime if you need directions, have a look here:
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  8. Nemesis

    Nemesis Active Member

    I have the chrome accents on my car. The instruction templates come in the box. You will have everything you need.

    Attached Files:

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  9. Robert_Alabama

    Robert_Alabama Well-Known Member

    Nemesis, thanks for the pic and the info. I will try to put the body molding and the chrome accents both on soon (The accents are scheduled to arrive Monday). The look will be like yours, except his is the white. I really like the look with the molding and accents. Your car looks great.

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