Anyone have information? Dealer claims Clarity discontinued.

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Dan McInerney, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. Well, if it’s on FB it must be true. Or is it Twitter?

    The evidence put forth on this forum is that it will be available in CA and, possibly, OR. Dealers in the other lower 48 can order the vehicle. Rules may not apply in HI and AK.

    Also, rumored to be available in Canada.
  2. Dan McInerney

    Dan McInerney Member

    Note that the posting points to an announcement on a _dealer's_ website.
  3. DucRider

    DucRider Well-Known Member

    The dealer is motivated to push people to cars they have on the lot. Since that dealer is not in California, they are not able to order cars for inventory. In their mind, that is likely the same as "discontinued".
  4. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    my_dealer's_website! I need to pay them a visit tomorrow.
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  5. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    I have been buying cars from this dealership since 1973 and believe them to be reputable. I will report what they tell me when I visit them to discover their unique sources tomorrow.
  6. Ken7

    Ken7 Active Member

    Not sure why anyone would be shocked if this is true. Honda has basically given the Clarity lip service and not much more. :(

    The good news is that a google search on this yields nothing more than this one dealer’s claim. No other substantiation of the car being discontinued.
  7. craze1cars

    craze1cars Well-Known Member

    Well here is a recent Honda corporate ad openly promoting that their non-existent 2020 car has already won a KBB award.

    So it appears their marketing team believes the Clarity to live on? They did 2 weeks ago anyway. However things do change fast when corporations make decisions.

    So it might be meaningless. Or it might mean something.
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  8. 4sallypat

    4sallypat Active Member

    Germain Honda is in OH, MI and FL ?

    If so, those states probably have super low fuel prices compared to CA.

    When I recently traveled to UT, there were zero Clarity of any type in the area and gas prices were $2.69/gallon.

    Compared to CA, where we were at $5/gal - it make more sense to pay less for a car than pay more and try to save on fuel costs.

    Germain Honda is probably saying that there is no interest in their area for a PHEV/FCV/EV Clarity....

    In CA, tons of Clarity - all flavors running around - does that tell you anything ???
  9. craze1cars

    craze1cars Well-Known Member

    I just filled up my gas guzzling pickup this morning in Indiana at $2.22/gallon...
  10. Germain of Ann Arbor is the only one declaring the discontinuation. Most of the others in the Germain Auto group allow you to search new inventory for the Clarity PHEV as a filter and encourage you to call the dealer to explore your options.
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  11. Could be true, I was just at the LA Auto Show on Friday and Honda just had the 2019 Clarity PHEV and the fuel cell, didn't have the all electric version or 2020's.
  12. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    Just returned from Germain Honda. The sales manager admitted that the Clarity is NOT discontinued. However, Honda has told him he cannot special order a Clarity for any of his customers even though Germain has sold more Clarity PHEVs than any other dealer in Michigan and they made all the infrastructure investments Honda required for them to be a Clarity dealer. I suggested that perhaps the wording should be changed on the Germain Honda website, but he was non-committal on that point.
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  13. cokeb5

    cokeb5 Member

    Did he provide any more information on why he cannot special order them? Definitely seems weird.
  14. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    Because Honda will not deliver them to states outside of California. He speculated that Oregon might be able to order Clarity PHEVs, but he was not sure.
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  15. Ken7

    Ken7 Active Member

    Well if true, for all practical purposes, the Clarity IS discontinued. Makes no difference to anyone living outside of CA if the car is still in production but can’t be ordered. I’ve never seen anything like this.
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  16. Sandroad

    Sandroad Well-Known Member Subscriber

    I have. Back in 2017 when the Audi A3 Etron was available, Audi pulled the inventory from Michigan dealers and sent them to California.
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  17. DucRider

    DucRider Well-Known Member

    I've reached out to my contacts at Honda as we have our Auto Show coming up in Feb and are working what cars we will display, info on what is available, etc.
    They issued an official statement about the 2019 models being available to all dealers, but nothing so far regarding the 2020's.

    And one caveat, because a dealer believes/says it does not make it true. I've heard all kinds of crazy things from dealership staff that I'm pretty sure they actually believed.
    Surely you've heard the term "compliance car" before. It used to apply to two out of the three Clarity variants, but now appears to apply to them all.
  18. Mowcowbell

    Mowcowbell Active Member

    Yep, Honda needs those credits in CA and will only sell their compliance car there. Allows them to sell the less fuel-efficient (but more profitable) Pilot and Ridgeline in CA.
  19. Reading between the lines, Germain Ann Arbor must be a little disappointed.

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