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Discussion in 'MINI Cooper SE' started by vader, Jun 20, 2022.

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  1. vader

    vader Well-Known Member

    So last week I was up the coast on holidays. I tried a little experiment on the way home. I was there for a few days, so I charged before leaving. I kept it in Sport mode the entire way (I usually would use green on the freeway). It was a perfect winters day with almost no humidity and a chilly 21C. I normally have the aircon set to 21, so I am guessing very little power would be used by the HVAC. Anyway, I noted the battery at certain points, and when we arrived home. I plugged the charger in when I got home and will report the GOM for a laugh when it is done tomorrow.

    There were 2 people, and enough luggage to fill the entire back with the seats down (blankets, duvets etc for the cold weather). This was in sports mode, but with CC on.

    75km driven: Battery 69% - 75/0.31 = 242km range (probably 10km at city speeds, then 110kph for the rest)

    100km driven: Battery 58% - 100/0.42 = 238km range (last 10km at 80-90kph)

    115.2km driven: Battey 52% - 115.2/0.48 = 240km range (last 10km mostly at 60kph or under).

    So on a trip with about 80km at 110kph, 10 at 80-90 and 25km at cityish speed, a loaded MINI in Sport mode gets a range of around 240km (149 miles), at 8.3km/kWh or 5.2mi/kWh. Remember this is with very little lost to HVAC due to the ideal temperature.

    In green mode, I can make the trip up and back with around 10ish percent left even with aircon on. Again for reference, my MINI is approaching 2 years old and has done 22,000 km. No battery degradation noticed here :)
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  3. Hmmmm. A chilly winter’s day at 21°C?

    I’d call that room temperature. What temperature would you have set on your thermostat in your home on that “chilly winter’s day”?

    Certainly good for a laugh

    Mike Wazowski
    & for more
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  4. SameGuy

    SameGuy Active Member

    Lol pre-Covid I’d flown into Sydney every northern summer for a decade. Hopping on a shuttle bus to change terminals around 8 am it was always around 12-14° and I was comfortable in a long-sleeve tee… while the locals were bundled up in Canada Goose!
  5. vader

    vader Well-Known Member

    I live in Brisbane - the average winter day is somewhere around 22C. Below 25C, you will see people starting to put on jumpers! I find it quite funny. Having said that most houses are geared for heat rather than cold. It can get to around 10ish at night, at which point the locals don their arctic wear.

    It is a great temperature for an EV though. I actually get slightly better range at this time due to the lack of heating/cooling. During summer, it rarely goes below 30C at night. At the same efficiency, a 100kWh EV could go 830km. Not bad.
  6. SameGuy

    SameGuy Active Member

    Brissie is my second home! I’m a full premium season ticket Lions member! Haven’t been to Brisbane (or a game) since 2019, but maintained the membership to support the club.

    How many SEs do you reckon are roaming SE QLD now?
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  8. vader

    vader Well-Known Member

    We are lucky that we have 4 forms of football played here (Rugby League, Rugby Union, Football (soccer) and Aussie Rules). I think there is an American Football (Gridiron?) league here, but it isn't as widely supported. Football is a great game to play in the bitterly cold winters.....

    There were 12 SEs in the first batch of 80 destined for Brisbane, and I have seen a few around. I reckon there would be 20+ in Brisvegas. On another note, I checked out the range after charging, and yet again my most inefficient trips result in the best GOM after charging. I got 184km range, which is on par with the most I have ever seen. Still hideously wrong - calculated 240 vs 184 (30% low), but better than I have seen for a while. Quite funny - for all you state side people, the winter brings much lower GOMs/actual range, mine is better than summer :)
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  9. SameGuy

    SameGuy Active Member

    “Up the coast” then is… Sunny? Or beyond? My mate sold his unit on Macdonald in KP (across from the Story, facing the CBD), and moved into a nice house in Maroochydore, just steps from the beach. Sunny Coast most reminds me of California, but the best drives between Brisbane and Gympie are inland.
  10. F14Scott

    F14Scott Well-Known Member

    Don't forget that, living on the bottom half of the world, all your driving is uphill.
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  11. tesrivmini

    tesrivmini Member

    Actually, having lived there for the majority of my life, until moving stateside, all driving is actually downhill - that's why it's called down under.
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  13. vader

    vader Well-Known Member

    Yep Sunny - Caloundra to be exact. Quite a nice part of the world. You need to go inland a bit to get some nice roads. Most of our roads were designed by Escher, so they are all downhill. In case anyone took that seriously, it was a joke..... :)
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