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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by R P, Sep 24, 2021.

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  1. Awww Gee,...I feel so bad for them… NOT.
    Hope they all go to zero. They were only good for criminal transactions (eg ransomware, drug cartels) and rogue nations. And some greedy corps and foolish individuals who tried to make a quick buck. Some even thought crypto might be a hedge against inflation. That certainly proved false. And crypto mining has a detrimental effect on the environment, incl using up our precious electricity needed for EVs.
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  3. RLXXI

    RLXXI Active Member

    Once upon a time I was just as ignorant about crypto as you are now. I use to state all the same things your stating now about criminal usage etc... then I opened my eyes.

    Now I'm not trying to sell you on something you're obviously dead set against except to say, do more research on the topic so that in the future you won't make an *** of your self online or in real life when the subject of crypto comes up with people that know what it's all about.

    FYI: I use the crypto I mine to buy gold directly from APMEX. They kindly take my bitcoin and in exchange they give me pretty gold bars. I run my systems during the day so that my 6kW solar array pays for all of the electricity with no bearing on the planet and all it's tree huggers can byte my arse.


    Currently both systems are shut off as the little bit of profit they make is absorbed to the point where I can save more $$ by letting the solar array feed my home then send what we don't use out to the grid for all my neighbors to use.

    Can crypto be used nefariously? Yes, same for good ole fashion currency be it the dollar, yen etc.... on that same note it's up to the owner what's done with it. So do we lock up the criminal or ban the currency? Ban the car because a drunk driver runs over someone with it?

    What do you think about crypto now? Think you should research it a little more? :cool:

    Here's a great little place to learn all you ever wanted to know about crypto, how to mine it, how and where you can spend it etc.... happy reading.
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  4. Thanks, but I already know everything about crypto that I want to know. How much do you own, and what did you buy it at (avg overall price).
  5. RLXXI

    RLXXI Active Member

    You only know about crypto what you want to, ok click the link above and read the rest of the story. Respectfully my assets are none of your business. o_O
  6. Crypto is not an asset. It is nothing, just a token backed up by thin air. People buy or manufacture those pieces of thin air which have no use but to avoid using a real currency or asset to transact criminal activities or other to avoid laws and regulations. So I have no sympathy for those that lost 70% of their token value during this last year. Here is another question. How much tax did you pay for your crypto transactions? Or should I say how much tax did you avoid?
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  8. RLXXI

    RLXXI Active Member


    Think what you like man, your problem not mine.
  9. If you can't answer my questions, you just made my point, and whatever else you say is meaningless.
  10. RLXXI

    RLXXI Active Member

    I gave you a link to learn everything you ever wanted or needed to know about this topic, your refusal to learn shows me just how closed your mind is making any further discussion between us impossible.

    Good day to you sir.
  11. I know what crypto is, and more importantly what it is not. It is you that needs to learn,... what crypto is not. And obviously, based on its recent 70% decline, others have found out the hard way, too.

    Just your refusal to answer relevant questions tells me you do not want to understand. Good day, or night to you, too.
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  13. RLXXI

    RLXXI Active Member

    Oh wow, I like the way this forum handles ignoring another member, can't see anything they post, not even the fact they posted. Very nice. :)
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  15. Wow, Bitcoin now down to $19,000!!! And now crypto networks are "pausing" withdrawals and transfers. Can you imagine the horror of crypto holders watching their "money" evaporate, and they can't even salvage what they have left. Glad to see the criminals and tax dodgers getting hit, but also innocent investors suffering who foolishly bought into the crypto scam hoping to get rich quick.
  16. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    If you are in the market for high-end video card for your computer, now would be a good time to go shopping.

    Actually, you might start finding them on eBay.
  17. RLXXI

    RLXXI Active Member

    I've got 4 already. Paid a premium for a rtx 3080 a few months ago. Should have waited.
  18. Hey all. I deleted the political posts in this thread. I understand politics are unavoidable, since it touches many aspects of cars, transportation, and energy, but purely political discussions too often turn into broad brushing people of one particular political slant or another. This thread also had a number of personal insults which are contrary to our posting rules.
    I left the thread open as members may want to discuss crypto currency here, which was the original discussion happening here.
  19. Crypto collapse on another down leg with the demise of the FTX. Now into the 1600s. How low can it go?
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  20. This five-year look back at Bitcoin pricing makes me think it still has some downward trending to do.

  21. RLXXI

    RLXXI Active Member

    I don't see it going anywhere but down unless they can come up with a way to mine it with GPU's like I and a lot of others had been doing. When Etherium went 2.0 and changed from proof of work to proof of stake, that killed it for gpu mining. The only way to mine anything worth the time, hardware and electricity is straight up bitcoin which requires a special device made just for the purpose. Not cheap at all.
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