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    Hi all, I'm new here, hopefully someone can answer this question-I cannot find the answer online, I have a 64KwH Kona here in Ireland, very happy, the country is just the right size for a car of this range, the spec isn't great on the Irish model but we are happy.
    Let us assume that in a few years I wish to sell the car, where in all the menus is the actual remaining max KwH capacity of the car, say I want to show a prospective buyer what capacity remains in the battery (hopefully in the high 50's or low 60's KwH by then). I have looked in all the menus but I cannot find this value.
    I fear that I may have to show a buyer a fully charged car and just show them the range display and that isn't realistic.
    Hopefully someone knows, thanks.
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    I believe that you will need a scan tool. It will show the condition of your Lithium cells.
  3. Good start for you here, and its local:
  4. Or you can just estimate based on the range you're getting. In fact, you're more likely to be asked about range than available battery capacity.
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    range is hugely dependent on how you drive.

    my girlfriend gets 11-13 kwh/100 km and I usually get 14-15 kwh/100 km average.

    that's a range anywhere from 425 km to 600 km

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