A sad farewell

Discussion in 'LEAF' started by Paul K, Jan 29, 2024.

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  1. Paul K

    Paul K Active Member

    Being self employed I charge vehicle depreciation to my business. It has been my practice to move vehicles along after 4 or 5 years. My 2018 Leaf S was a really good reliable vehicle but I was getting anxious for a replacement. The winter range with a 40kwh battery isn't very good and public charging can be a scary adventure.

    The other problem with the Leaf is that Chademo charging is on the way out. If you think finding a CCS charger is bad Chademo is even worse. And with the supply chains slowing starting to ramp up after covid there is a trickle of new vehicles coming in. The Leaf is getting obsolete and the resale value dropping like a rock.

    The Leaf could have become the Volkswagon Beetle of the EV world. Keep the basic design but convert to CCS or NACS charging and it might have had a chance. I never had a problem with battery overheating and still had close to original range. The lack of active cooling means there's one less system to fail as the vehicle ages.

    So with these things in mind I have bid my reliable buddy a fond farewell. The replacement is a VW id.4 Pro which I took delivery of today.
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  3. marshall

    marshall Well-Known Member

    Well someone looking for a cheap used car will find your Leaf, get up to $4,000 in tax credits, and give it a new life.

    I just bought a used 2022 Leaf Plus SV. I doubt if I'll ever need to DC charge the vehicle. Almost all of our drives are less than 20 miles round trip. I can charge from home at 12 cents a kWh. So if the car holds up, I'll be happy.
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