90% Decision on RAV4 Prime. Next SE or XSE?

Discussion in 'Rav4 Prime' started by MaineMan, Jul 19, 2020.

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  1. MaineMan

    MaineMan New Member

    This is my first post. I am a long time car and truck guy. I’m about two years away from retirement. My wife owned a 2007 Hyundai Santa she drove for 10 years. Next a 2014 CR, currently 2016 Ford Escape.

    We’ve test driven a 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid EX-L, 2020 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XLE and an XSE. Our local dealer expects to receive a 2021 Prime in next two weeks. Looking forward to test driving that when it arrives. Both the CR-V Hybrid and Prime as still in the running. With the $7,500 RAV4 tax incentive makes the overall final cost between the two vehicles very close.

    With all that said, I’ll have plenty of time to obsess over the Prime SE and XSE models. As I travel down this road I’ll keep everyone posted on our progress and final decision.

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  3. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    This video review does have some info about the XSE trim level and is a great overall watch. I hope this help an d I look forward to hearing more about your journey.

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  4. Ohliuw

    Ohliuw Member

    IMHO, XSE not worth the premium.

    If you concerned about looks, etc, look elsewhere.

    What’s important here is : Space for kids + long battery range.

    Both models meet the criteria, so if you are into useless bells and whistles and have extra cash laying around - go for the XSE.

    I have the feeling the dealers will be discounting the XSE models in a couple of years the same way it happens with the Clarity (the are letting the premium model go for the price of the base).
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  5. chuckh007

    chuckh007 New Member

    OK...agree, but I will repeat, can one order the SE and add the Premium pkg,? .....if that is even possible
  6. David Hrivnak

    David Hrivnak New Member

    We have the SE and I do not see where the XSE was worth the premium. We are perfectly happy with the SE and actually prefer the cheaper and better riding 18" tires.
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    JGIORD New Member

    A little confused did he say if you don’t get the 6x charger then you can only charge the Prime using 110V?
  9. No you can charge on Level 2 with or without the upgraded 6.6 kW charger. Without the upgrade level 2 is about 4 1/2 hours, with the upgrade about 2 1/2 hours. Level 1 is the same either way, 12 hours.
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  10. Roy2001

    Roy2001 Member

    I would say SE has plenty of features.

    I would not spend more than 40k (after tax credit etc.) on a RAV4, even if it is a PHEV. No matter how, it is a low end compact SUV.
  11. This is where I ended up too. Initially I wanted and planned to not only get the XSE but the technology package too, or maybe it was called premium package. Because I convinced myself that I wanted the outlet in the trunk area, the ventilated seats, the 6.6 kW upgraded charger, etc etc. But the dealer I spoke with said they were getting like 40 SE's for every 1 XSE and I already figured it was an uphill battle. Then over time I realized there were things about the XSE I actually did NOT like. I didn't like the seats (preferred the SE, yes), and I hated the red accents in stupid places like the shocks. Also I'm moving to the desert so a black roof was very unappealing lol. Eventually I came to the conclusion that it wasn't worth paying $10,000 more for a car that had several things I actually didn't want. I'll definitely miss the ventilated seats though, lol. (but from what I hear, they aren't the greatest anyways)
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  13. The Gadgeteer

    The Gadgeteer Active Member

    Is there any way to get the 1500W AC outlet in the SE?
  14. onix

    onix New Member

    Search for a 12v to 120v inverter that can fit the cigarette lighter. I recall that the 12v supply has 1200W+ power output on the primes. Typically inverters are 85%+ efficient. I would look for a pure sine wave output. Let us know what you find.
  15. Roy2001

    Roy2001 Member

    This is misleading.

    Cigarette lighter connects to power supply through fuse, and I don't see any fuse can sustain 1200w, not even close. That needs special circuit and special cable etc. It is very risky since the car might catch fire.
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  16. onix

    onix New Member

    Very good point, Roy. I did not think about the fuse for the outlet. If I recall various auto fuses are rated between 5~25Amps. If one can get on a 25A line, then you could max out at 300W, no?
  17. Roy2001

    Roy2001 Member

    I think the max is 250W to leave some buffer for safety.

    For 1500w or more, it would be from main battery directly with higher voltage and thus less current. It would have its own fuse, but different from the regular 12v system.
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