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Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by EVDog, Oct 7, 2021.

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  1. EVDog

    EVDog New Member

    I have a 2019 Niro EV with a tapping 710 motor (23k miles). I need to battle with the dealer to replace. Is the newest 712 version a permanent fix to the tapping noise??

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  3. I don't know, but why did you start a new thread? All the people with experience are there... (besides a lot of information)

    I know, you want the ultimate answer... it's 42 :)
  4. Kia Guy

    Kia Guy Member

    712 for 6 months, 20k KM.

    No issues yet.
  5. Shawn X

    Shawn X New Member

    I hear noises with my 712 that remind me of my faulty 710. I have a 2019 model year.

    I'll start from the beginning with the 710. The issue started with a motorcycle like sound at higher speeds that only occurred when accelerating. Then two weeks later, it started the tapping sound at low speeds when accelerating. No sounds when braking (with regen or physical brakes). This was around 4k miles. I drove it for another 17k miles before finally getting it fixed (went to three different dealers before one finally agreed it was an issue with the motor). They replaced the motor with the 712 but not the reduction gear. There were no strange noises when I left the dealer.

    Fast forward under 1k miles later, I heard a very similar (maybe even same?) tapping sound when regen braking to a complete stop. I also heard the motorcycle like sound at higher speeds that only occur when accelerating. I forgot which one came first. It's been over 2k miles since then and I still hear those sounds. What I do not hear though, is the tapping sound at low speeds when accelerating that so many people with the motor issue commonly hear.

    It could be my ears playing tricks on me. I'll give it another half year before drawing a conclusion.

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