22kw AC Home charging for EQS in UK - Struggling to get details

Discussion in 'EQS' started by Mkultra40, Feb 16, 2022.

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  1. Mkultra40

    Mkultra40 New Member

    Hi there, first post and hoping someone can help.

    Struggling to find a definitive answer as to if the EQS has a 22kw AC port as standard or cost option. I've had advice from various Mercedes sources and magazines and videos on line and they all contradict. Some say it's an option, some that it's standard.

    even article on indsideevs says it is available but says as option. Mercedes dealership are telling me it's standard. https://insideevs.com/news/522577/mercedes-eqs-fast-charging-analysis/

    Mercedes certainly do a 22kw AC 3-phase wall charging box but I feel sure that the 22kw AC needs be factory specified. I tried MB on0line chat support but they were next to useless and 180 degrees contradicted dealership. They suggested to speak to BP Pulse! I politely explained that BP provide 200kw DC charging not AC home charging.

    Article on carwow also confirms the existence of 22kw AC .....

    "It is quick at charging though and that’s arguably more important than how quick it goes in a straight line. In fact, if you can find a charging point that’s powerful enough, the EQS can inhale enough battery power for an extra 186 miles of driving in just 15 minutes at its maximum 200kW charging speed.

    There’s also an optional 22kW on-board charging system which speeds things up when you’re charging at home, although it’ll still take a staggering 17 hours to top the 108kW battery up when plugged into a 7kW home wallbox."


    Would be extremely grateful if anyone has any data on this for UK or even European market. I've spent quite a few days getting not so far. Many thanks in advance
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  3. JimH

    JimH New Member

    I know this post is old, but maybe this will help someone else. I just took a U.S. model EQS580 on my first road trip and wrote about the real world problems encountered: https://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php/topic,134614.0.html

    In that topic, there's a link to an article on another site which lists plug-types per country and discusses them.

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