2023 Mini Cooper SE Live Journal & Review

Discussion in 'MINI Cooper SE' started by Wreckless117, Jun 19, 2022.

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  1. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    The bimmercode.app/cars/f56 page is a start, but it's too bare-bones. Thirty-five years ago I used to be a technical writer for computer products and I think a good technical writer could make bimmercode options easier to understand and easier to implement. A bimmercode employee who was a good technical writer with usability experience could make bimmercode better. However, making bimmercode easier to use might have unintended consequences that are not difficult to imagine.

    That said, I think it's wonderful that bimmercode exists and that BMW/MINI allows it to work for those who like to tinker with the way their cars work. I'm sure it would make the father of the Mini, Alec Issigonis, scratch his head and then laugh with approval.
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  3. Puppethead

    Puppethead Well-Known Member

    I looked closely at my modes display today, and it seems my sport mode is checkered but it's very faint (I rarely use sport so hadn't noticed). Mid is solid gray and green/green+ are both solid green.
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  4. Wreckless117

    Wreckless117 Active Member

    Interesting, I wonder if they changed it over the years. The checkered you described is one of the options. The gradient option is what I believe the SE are shipping with now.
  5. Wreckless117

    Wreckless117 Active Member

    Got charge port light in :-D did a quick dry run and works as hoped!! Fully integrated and OEM quality. Now have to actually find the time and do the required mods and fit it.

    Will take plenty of pictures and do a write up for those that may want to tackle this project.
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  6. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    It will be interesting to see if MINI understands how they bungled our SE's charge-port illumination when we see the 2024 SE's charge port.
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  8. Wreckless117

    Wreckless117 Active Member

    Teaser pics! Can't wait to actually see it at night...

    Anybody want a how-to write up?

    PXL_20220713_225015571.jpg PXL_20220713_223151516~2.jpg PXL_20220713_222528780~2.jpg PXL_20220713_223932777.jpg PXL_20220713_223214866.jpg
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  9. MarkSasaki

    MarkSasaki Active Member

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  10. Wreckless117

    Wreckless117 Active Member

    Going to write it up and got quite a few pics as well, but might take me awhile to get it all together. I'll make a separate post and link it here.
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  11. MichaelC

    MichaelC Well-Known Member

    That looks great! Count me among those who would love to see a write-up, as I may (eventually) attempt to replicate that very elegant-looking solution.
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  13. Wreckless117

    Wreckless117 Active Member

    Thank you! It's actually relatively easy/simple in theory, so if your one that is good with your hands and tools, it should be easy to replicate. Took me about 3 hours, but that was also doing pictures and mock ups for fitment issues.
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  14. Wreckless117

    Wreckless117 Active Member

    Another shot, dark here now, and covered the forward facing light to eliminate glare for a better pic.

    Picture does show a bit brighter than real life, maybe by 10%. I wish the light was brighter by about that much more, but still absolutely usable.

  15. endquote

    endquote Active Member

    Once you're satisfied with all the LED swaps, a round-up of all the parts and procedures would be useful.
  16. rlozano

    rlozano New Member

    I saw you you have added the United Radar, I have an escort radar and I am going to try an Hardwire it to using Add circuit fuse tap, did you did it similar ? or another way, seems I can just push the cable to reach the Fuse area. Any pointers will appreciate it.
  17. Wreckless117

    Wreckless117 Active Member

    Hey sorry for the late response!

    Yep routed along headliner down to side of door to into glovebox/footwell area.

    There's a good grounding bolt under the carpet/door trim, so have to take those pieces off, but easy to find after that.

    I hate suction cups, so I usually just use the regular mount and take off the cups, and then use 3M VHB double sided tape. Keeps it nice and tight. Just make sure to use some alcohol to clean both surfaces to make sure it bonds well.

    Let me know if you need anything else!

    PXL_20220806_235150585.NIGHT~2.jpg PXL_20220806_233434897.jpg PXL_20220806_233500549~2.jpg
  18. rlozano

    rlozano New Member


    Awesome, that is a lot of help, still waiting on the tap a circuit. based on the circuit you tapped, is that the Horn circuit 56 ?


  19. MarkSasaki

    MarkSasaki Active Member

    Had a funny situation on the way to get a haircut today and it reminded me of what you wrote in your initial review of your SE. You said:

    Power delivery immediately from a stop is a tad underwhelming to say the least, but I believe that has more to do with how the car is tuned to deliver power from that stage as actual full power would probably just destroy tires, but cruising in the 10-30mph range and then going 100% give quite a instant initial hit of torque that ends up fading around 50-60. It's not gonna win any armchair races, but it's really not bad at all for in town, it's pretty zippy.

    As you might know my SE is lowered, aftermarket wheels, and dark windows. Being de-yellowed and de-yellow badged, it does not have the appearance of being an electric car. Kinda has the boy racer look to it without all of the stickers and so forth.

    Some guy in a lowered loud Fiesta ST really wanted to get in front of me, no one was behind me and he really wanted to be in front of me. I sped up so he could get behind me because I was in a right turning lane so I could turn right. Rather than go behind me, he downshifted and nailed it. Then he started revving on me. OMG. We got stuck at a stop light, I accelerated slower so he could get in front of me but he didn't. I don't advocate street racing but no one was around and I heard him floor it again beside me. Being in the 10+ mph sweet spot, I just paced him. Then I heard him floor it, he got out ahead of me and I floored it. That Fiesta ST was pretty zippy too as my SE walked away from him. He ended up behind me since he also wanted to turn right and I was hoping he would see my "E" emboss on the gas cap door.

    It was a short hit to no more than 50 mph but the guy who was with his girlfriend stayed way behind me after the right turn. I think he was trying to show off to his gf in his loud, lowered ST. Moral of the story, don't street race but if you run into a situation like that, be over 10 mph before you hit it.

  20. Wreckless117

    Wreckless117 Active Member

    I don't think that was the one but I will look and get back to you. It powers on with the car.

    Ha! Love to hear it! But yea from a dig it's meh, 10-20 and your a cheeky monkey! Lol

    Btw what is the offset of your wheel?
  21. SameGuy

    SameGuy Well-Known Member

    I haven’t really noticed the weight shifting much when I mat the pedal, but I imagine the rear KW dampers eliminate all of the transfer and help keep the front tires planted.
  22. Rexsio

    Rexsio Active Member

    I read this with excitement bc English is my second language your righting was the best on this forum!
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