2021 Kia Niro EV release date

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by bubzki, Jan 21, 2021.

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  1. I agree, it's a factor, but it's not enough to make me want to change cars.
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  3. blue_door

    blue_door Member

    Forgive me if I presented that. It's an annoyance, but all FWD cars have torque steer. EVs just have it worse than ICE engines generally speaking due to their instant torque output.
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  4. Raleigh Ron

    Raleigh Ron New Member

    Wow, this topic got off course fast!
    In my opinion, if you're looking for the debut of the 2021 Kia Niro EV, you'll likely never see it.
    I've been hearing rumors that a new version for MY2022 will be announced later this year.
  5. Shark

    Shark Member

    Given there's been nothing more on this thread for more than 3 months, is it safe to say there will be no 2021 Niro EV? There's a few '20's left at dealers in my area, but the inventory is way less versus Kona's, where some dealers have boatloads of 21's (one dealer by me has 40 on the lot!), and according to Hyundai's website 2022 Kona EV's are coming this spring (which, if still current, means within several weeks).
  6. ITown

    ITown Member

    Kia's US website doesn't indicate that there is a 2021 model year. Guess they aren't bothering to update the car this year.
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  8. So, this is the Kia USA website and it clearly says 2021 and it (if you bother to scroll down) talks about the EV model, and states up to 239 miles range on the EV model. Unfortunately when you click that picture/link, the page you go to says 2020, somewhat lame.

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  9. ITown

    ITown Member

    The Kia Niro has a 2021 model year, but the Niro EV does not seem to.
  10. Shark

    Shark Member

    Thanks Greg. Yeah I saw that.
  11. Interesting that the website is about the hybrid and no obvious mention of the BEV.
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  13. bubzki

    bubzki Member

    At my local Minneapolis auto show, they had EVs for test drives. They had Niro EV EX Premiums with window stickers at roughly 47k US showing MY 2021, production date January 2021. Not clear if these were/are available to public but no mechanical or other changes were evident to my eyes.
  14. JamesS

    JamesS New Member

    Do you really think the Niro EV (e-Niro) will be produced anymore after the K6 is available? They are about the same size aren't they?
  15. ITown

    ITown Member

    Very likely to be priced significantly differently, from what I know. The EV6 is likely to start at $45,000+, while the Niro starts under $40,000.
  16. aunsafe2015

    aunsafe2015 New Member

    Any more official news on the 2021s? This dealer in Pittsburgh, PA claims to have one for sale: New 2021 Kia Niro EV EX 4D Sport Utility in Pittsburgh #WX21761 | #1 Cochran

    When I input the VIN into Carvana's VIN checker, it does indeed show up as a 2021.

    If we're actually at the point where a decent number of 2021s will be arriving, what sort of discounts might we see on 2020 stock?
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  17. Raleigh Ron

    Raleigh Ron New Member

    Hey, there's been some news this past week about the 2021 Niro EV!

    Apparently, it will appear soon (aunsafe2015 suggests it might already be at some dealers).
    Not much has changed - same body style - price for EX doesn't change, Premium increases to $44,650
    Enhancements to safety features include:
    • Standard Rear Occupant Alert (door-logic based)
    • Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (on EX, not Premium)
    • Remote Start functionality allows for cabin preheating or cooling
    • Leading Vehicle Departure Alert, Highway Driving Assist and Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control – Curve
  18. Ge C

    Ge C New Member

    Was looking at a 2021 Niro EV and noticed the engine went from 150KW to 170K from prior year but same horsepower and torque. Almost sounds like then new Ioniq 5 long range engine in the 2021 Niro EV just thought it odd with KW increase no change in hp or torque.
  19. Ge C

    Ge C New Member

    My local dealer says they are getting 2021 with July delivery.
  20. davidtm

    davidtm Active Member

    Could be software limitation to allow bulk purchase of the 170 kW motors.

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  21. Shark

    Shark Member

    Here in New Jersey several dealers (Lakewood, Manahawkin, Cherry Hill) now have 2021 Niro EV's on their lots available for immediate delivery. Manahawkin is advertising $750 off MSRP on the 2021 Premium's they have.
  22. Danhen

    Danhen Member

    Any word regarding if for 2021 we can get the LED headlights offered in Canada?

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