2019 Niro EV reduction gear noise

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by Hoodoo_operator, Jul 28, 2023.

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  1. snowy2020

    snowy2020 Member

    They aren’t even honoring the existing warranty. I have this issue right now, I have a warranty, and Kia refuses to repair. It should be easy to prove because you can hear the sound and compare it to a normal motor.
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  3. If the dealers says that the noise is normal then surely they'll offer you a normal trade-in value? That might be the least expensive way out.

    I've just read the first report here in New Zealand of an out-of-warranty Kona owner being told that they will have to pay for the cost of repairs.

  4. snowy2020

    snowy2020 Member

    The dealer admitted there was a noise and there was something wrong. However they claimed to have their hands tied because Kia Tech Line (corporate) wouldn’t authorize anything because they are saying the sound is normal.

    I’m assuming that Kia is the problem, not the dealer. Why would the dealer turn down work? Or the dealer could be lying. I don’t know. I want to wrap up my lawsuit and just get rid of this awful car.
  5. I would go see another dealer, or two.
  6. snowy2020

    snowy2020 Member

    You’re right. I have one more I think I can try. I’m in a big city so I have a bunch of dealers. That’s been a whole ordeal. I tried 6+ other dealers over the last couple of years for the other defect (and regular maintenance). Most wouldn’t even touch the car, one actually made an appointment, I dropped off the car, and they called me an hour later saying they can’t service EVs. Even after repeating over and over that “it’s the electric Niro, it’s an EV, its FULLY ELECTRIC” they still act confused when I pull up to the service bay. So…I’ve been going to the one that can service them. I found another that sold several EVs where I bought a gallon of coolant during the whole “the coolant is mysteriously disappearing and we can’t figure out why” fiasco and they seemed to be able to work on them. I just got exhausted driving to dealers only to get turned away. It’s been almost a year since I really tried “shopping” for dealers so maybe some more options have opened up since then.
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