2011 Roadster

Discussion in 'Roadster' started by electriceddy, Apr 2, 2024.

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  1. With only 27 of these registered in Canada, it was a first for me to be close to one of these. What a sharp looking EV:
    The kind owner was near and we talked for a bit.
    I was not aware the charge port has only 4 pins (Ground, 2 charge pins and pilot (no proximity) but that didn't seem to bother him. Apparently, some have converted to J1772 to enable allow charging at common level 2 chargers.
    His range still exceeds 300 km using 18650 cells:)
    The EV will be eligible for B.C. collector plates within 2 years enabling a possible insurance discount.
    Of course I invited him to join the forum, hopefully that comes to be.
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  3. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    If you build a spaceship, you can have a Roadster formerly owned by a rich celebrity for free!

    Oh, wait, was the clear.png image you attached a photo of that free Roadster from deep space?
  4. Just an error on my part...gone now.
    As much as I would love to drive one - noting how low the seats are to the floor, my back would not be too happy.
    Easy to get in, but getting out would require a major effort.
    (At least this one located here on Earth):D
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  5. They had a Roadster in the Murray White Rock Hyundai dealer, in the showroom, last spring. Don't know what it was doing there or who owned it. I thought I took a pic, but couldn't find it. Sure was a small thing.
  6. I tried my best to make it appear larger than it indeed really was:rolleyes:
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  8. My daughter owns a Lotus Elise which was the chassis that the roadster was based on. If getting into the roadster is any thing like getting in to the Lotus I can vouch that it is both literally and figuratively a pain to get in and out of. While I have owned sports and race cars my preference now is for a truck or SUV for ease of entry and exit.
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