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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Macone, Mar 28, 2022.

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  1. They are referring not to the maximum charge level (80%, 100% or whatever) but rather the maximum speed of charge, or current accepted. AC can be set at a lower level than as-fast-as-possible which presumably is better for the battery if you have time. DC is negotiated between the supply and the car and is not adjustable by you.
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  3. BaylorBob

    BaylorBob Active Member

    Malcome when I got my Kona Ultimate EV in June 2021 we had temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees every day since I live in Southern California and these temperatures are normal for us until about October when things start to cool down. My charging range started out at 325 Miles (523 Kilometers for you Canadians). Then it started dropping with every charge to 318, 315, 312, 311, and 305. I have experimented by charging with 28%, 18%, 15%, 10%, and as low as 5% remaining in the battery, all with my level 2 Home Charger. It made no difference. The range just kept dropping. Yesterday it was cold for us (about 60 degrees and windy) and My battery had an 89% charge. I was just going shopping at Walmart and there was an Electrify America Charger right in front of the Grocery Door. The Best Parking Spot at the store. So I decided to use the Fast Charger (the first time I ever used any Public Charger) and it took 53 minutes and 45 seconds until the charger stopped at 99%. It was charging at 7.5KWH and delivered a total of 9KWH. When I started the Charger screen had a message on it stating that since my battery was almost full it was going to charge at a much slower rate. I had a range of 289 miles when I started (if I remember correctly) and when I finished I had a 306 Mile Range. But I am positive my Battery was at 89% Charge. Electrify America sent me an email with the Charging Time and the number of KWH Delivered.

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  4. When warm weather comes back you'll see the range increase. They have adaptive learning and winter use decreases battery capacity as well as using more power for cabin heating.
  5. BaylorBob

    BaylorBob Active Member

    I have the exact same car. I live in Sunny Sothern California where the afternoon Temperature from March thru October or November is usually between 75 and 90 every day. Cold winter days might be between 60 and 70 degrees. I leased this car in June of 2021. The charging range has steadily dropped with each charge from a high in June of 325 miles on the day I picked it up to 305. Two days ago it increased to 306 using a DC Supercharger starting with an 89% Battery Charge. Hyundai rates the car with a range of 258 miles. I hope it doesn't happen but I have a bad feeling I will be dropping below 300 miles with my future charges. There is no way any of us can complain since Hyundai's answer is the Car is only rated at 258 miles.
  6. BaylorBob

    BaylorBob Active Member

    If I understand you right, you are telling me that if I set the AC Charge Level to 50% instead of 100% the battery will still charge to 100% but take longer if I have the time? Right now it takes 9 hours with my level 2 charger. I start at 9pm and end at 7am, all in off-peak time. If you are correct I will be in Prime Time - Costing me More Money to Charge. Nine hours is enough for me. Thanks
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  8. You understand me right but that is not the right place to set it. Sounds like for your use you should leave it at maximum speed. If you set a percent that's where it will stop charging. The setting for reducing the speed of charge rather than the maximum charge is (if I recall correctly) "high/medium/low" rather than a percent. I'm not at the car at the moment to find that screen.

    I found some photos of the relevant screens here:
    Kona AC charging question - AEVA Forums
  9. BaylorBob

    BaylorBob Active Member

    I have good news to report. On April 16, 2022, I had 35% Battery Remaining and I decided to charge at home using my level 2 charger like I always do. Much to my surprise, my mileage after steadily declining (see line 3 above) jumped up to 316 Miles. So maybe it was the fact I had 35% battery left. I will find out by charging it again when It is at the same 35% Level. Or does anyone think that the one and only time I used the DC Fast Charger (March 30th) with an 89% Charge when I started, had a positive effect on my battery?

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  10. And so the revival of additional range begins, more likely due to warmer weather.
    It couldn't have hurt the pack charging to full with the DC charger (hopefully no one waiting behind), may have even initiated some top end balancing.
    When you do use the EA DC charger again, try to time it for April 22 or 23 to take advantage of the Earth Day freebee;)
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  11. BaylorBob

    BaylorBob Active Member

    I have Free Charging including DC Fast Charging from Hyundai on Electrify America for 3 years, the length of my Lease. I got it with the car in June of 2021. This was the 1st time I used it. I have only seen that Walmart Charger being used ONCE in the last 6 months. If it was a Tesla Charger there WOULD be a Line every day.
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  13. Now bordering on unaffordable in Quebec with a 125% increase in charging fees
    • Quebec – $0.45 per minute:eek:
  14. BaylorBob

    BaylorBob Active Member

    That is outrageous. Can't you sign up with a charging plan with one of the Charging companies? Or buy a level two charger and install it in your garage (if you have a garage). That's what I have done and I only charge after 9 pm when the rates drop to their lowest level.
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  15. There are presently 7 Petro Canada fast chargers in Quebec, there are 493 other ones to choose from. If travelling through this province, and in need of a fast DC charge, the best option would be to avoid Petro Can (last resort only). At least until the rates are realigned with all the other competitors.
    A mistake on Suncor's part IMHO;)
  16. Ferenc Jakab

    Ferenc Jakab New Member

    I'm charging at 8 to 12 C, (no heated garage just natural temps) and not getting 400s either. The other night it got to 14 and I got 392. Hoping warmer weather improves this too.

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