$174 Billion for electric vehicle investment

Discussion in 'General' started by Texas Niro EV, Apr 2, 2021.

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Do you support Biden's electric vehicle investment plan?

  1. Yes - I'm all in

    6 vote(s)
  2. No - EV investment is better handled by the market driven private sector

    1 vote(s)
  3. No - I don't believe in investing in electric vehicles

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  1. Texas Niro EV

    Texas Niro EV Member

    That's right, Billion with a "B". Biden's transportation infrastructure plan includes $174 Billion for electric vehicle investment. We have all been impressed by what Volkswagen did/is doing with the $2 Billion they were required to spend because of the DieselGate settlement, the Biden plan intends to spend almost a HUNDRED times that much!!!

    I know the Biden money is going to be spread out in a lot of different segments, like tax credits and work station charging, but I'm very excited see what this plan produces. Remember that most of government money will be in the form of incentives so the actual electric vehicle investment as a result of the Biden plan, including government and private sector spending, may be well over a trillion dollars. If anything is ever going to end USA dependence on fossil fuels for transportation, this may well be it.

    I understand that much of Biden's plan will be geared towards getting people into EVs and helping them install home L2 chargers; I already have my Niro EV and a home L2 charger so that part is not of much interest to me right now. What I'm looking for is a dramatic expansion of CCS charging stations.

    I would like to see EVERY city in the USA have at least one CCS charger. The Electrify America chargers really open up long distance EV travel for me but I still have to zig-zag hundreds of miles out of my way to get to where I'm going. Having CCS chargers in every city would allow me to travel the straight routes on long trips that I have been traveling for over half a century.

    So, I'm opening this thread up for discussion. Where would you like to see the $174 Billion in electric vehicle investment spent?
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  3. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    IMHO, the bill should include a provision that Senators and Representatives who vote for the bill are invited to an oversight committee to assign priorities for the projects. Those who don't vote for the bill, won't be on the 'priority' committee.

    Bob Wilson
  4. marshall

    marshall Active Member

    If the goal is to stop climate change, I don't see any way around not spending gobs of money to do it, and only the government can do it.

    Are we going to spend a lot of money on old technology with respect to fast charging? Case in point, Washington, Oregon, and California states spent money to install CHAdeMo stations early in the game. Now we have CCS in most brands of electric vehicles and the best selling electric cars are currently Teslas. So the CHAdeMo stations don't really help much unless you're a Nissan Leaf or Kia Soul owner who lives close to it.

    I will say that the monthly rate to charge at these CHAdeMo stations that the states put in is very attractive at around 20 bucks a month.
  5. Texas Niro EV

    Texas Niro EV Member

    The biggest portion of cost of installing fast chargers is getting the power to the pedestal. Many of those old CHAdeMO chargers have since been retrofitted with CHAdeMO/CCS chargers. Of course technology changes but you can’t just sit on your hands because things might change in the future; you have to take action and be prepared to react to change as it happens.

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  6. turtleturtle

    turtleturtle Active Member

    The Tesla conundrum came up in another thread on this topic as well.

    We are investing in public charging for a connector that doesn’t fit the majority of cars on the road. So if I’m a Tesla competitor, this is great because the government is building out my infrastructure for me, whereas Tesla paid for theirs (with some subsides, of course).

    But this doesn’t help the bulk of cars out there.

    If Tesla would take the EU model here and switch to CSS, then I think we’d have a winner.
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  8. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    My version:
    I prefer the smaller, simpler Tesla rather than larger plug, the 'Franken plug.'

    Bob Wilson
  9. marshall

    marshall Active Member

    No doubt the Tesla plug is more elegant. The CSS plug looks as big a a Clydesdale hoof. However, is there a chance that wireless charging will take over?
  10. marshall

    marshall Active Member

    None of the old CHAdeMo chargers here in Washington state have been converted.

    I haven't checked, but I don't think any of the Oregon Webasto CHAdeMo chargers have been converted.

    I don't think Webasto is going to spend much money on these chargers since it's not really their core business. My guess is that there is some leftover contract with the states that has to be fulfilled after they bought out the other company that installed and ran them.
  11. turtleturtle

    turtleturtle Active Member

    BMW trialed in-garage wireless charging, but inductive charging is never going to be as fast as DC for public charging.
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